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Using Symbolic SPICETM to solve various circuit and electronics problems is sometimes very different than solving a numerical problem. The Applications Notes below are a collection of practical problems that were solved using Symbolic SPICE. In many cases, these problems were solved using only the Demo Version of the program.

AN-001: Series Resonant Circuit

AN-002: Treble Tone Control

AN-003: Notch Filter Using a Simulated Inductor

AN-004: An Op-Amp Phase Shift Oscillator

AN-005: An Op-Amp Wien Bridge Oscillator

AN-006: Magnetic Microphone Amplifier

AN-007: Approximating the Bandwidth of the Mic Amp

AN-008: GBP Effects in a MFB Band-Pass Active Filter

AN-009: Approx. Gains in a Two-Stage CMOS Op-Amp

Symbolic SPICE

Application Notes