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A large number of analog courses have been eliminated from electrical engineering programs over the years due to a lack of faculty to teach them.

The Analog University offers analog courses for self-paced instruction. These are in the form of an e-book and are the actual class notes and lab experiments of current and past courses in the electrical engineering program at Michigan State University.

Available Courses: 

For details including course description, downloads and videos, see Analog Professor

Each course below has two links, one to show the table of contents of each e-book and the other a sample chapter or lab experiment from a past offering.

ECE 201     Electric Circuits and Systems I

ECE 202     Electric Circuits and Systems II

ECE 203     Electric Circuits and Systems Lab

ECE 302     Electronic Circuits

ECE 303     Electronic Circuits Lab

ECE 345     Electronic Instrumentation & Systems

ECE 402     Applications of Analog ICs

ECE 404     Radio Frequency Electronic Circuits

ECE 490-1  Macromodeling of Analog Circuits

ECE 490-2  Analog IC Design

ECE 831     Analog Circuit Theory

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